In this article, I evaluate the many ways of weight initialization and current best practices.

Zero Initialization

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Fig 1. Simple Network. Image by the Author.

In this article, I want to take an in-depth look at regularization.


An in-depth look at Cross-Entropy, the intuitions, and reasoning behind its necessity and utility.


In this article, I will discuss what I think are the three most important architectures to be aware of for NLP.

Recurrent Neural Network

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Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). Image from Wikipedia under CC BY-SA 4.0 License.

This is a beginner blog post for people who don’t know anything or know very little about the tax system.

In this article, I will discuss some of the most widely used DecisionTree-based algorithms for machine learning.

Decision Trees

What are they?

In this article, I list my top 5 neural network architectures for computer vision in no particular order

Convolutional Neural Networks


This is part 1 of a multipart series: The things I love the most about my favourite deep learning library, fastai.

This episode: Learning rate (LR)

LR before fastai

The fastai way

Steps to install Fastai

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from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont


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